New stuff

Mark and I have been very busy with a bunch of new projects. First of all, we have finished a new CD titled Beautiful Savior. Go listen to it now.

Secondly, we’ve updated our website with a new layout and structure. Some things to look forward to here:

  • occasional free music downloads
  • lots of fun music related articles
  • free sheet music of our arrangements
  • more stuff I can’t think of right now because I’m too busy trying to get the website working. 😉

We hope you enjoy it.

  • Tom Larsen

    Love the new CD. “High on a Mt. Top is terrific. I will be buying this CD for sure.
    Thanks for the great music!

    Take care.
    Tom Larsen
    Los Altos, Ca. Stake
    Sunnyvale Ward.

  • laurie

    We have 7 children and love each one of them dearly. Our third child has had a horrible year. Let go of the iron rod and got himself into some big trouble. My ward has given out your cd’s to the women on mother’s day. For the beauty of the Earth and Matchless Love and then yesterday they gave out Beautiful Savior. As our son has worked his way back to the Savior we have found great confort in the your cd’s. We play them in the mornings while the kids are getting ready for school. A few mornings when I have gotten up my cd was not in my player. Later I have found it in his room player. He said he loves how it is more soothing than most church music. Thank you for your wonderful music.

    • Geoff

      Thanks Laurie. Mark and I love to hear feedback like this.