50 Tunes

50 Tunes is a 3-CD set of early American and Celtic fiddle tunes common to the people of the 1800s. Many of these tunes were played by early pioneers for their evening square dances. This 3-CD set of 50 tunes is a good resource for anyone interested in incorporating old time pioneer dances at modern pioneer treks, or just for a good old hoedown.

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Tune List

Angus Campbell  •  Liberty  •  Arkansas Traveler  •  Martin’s Waltz  •  Aura Lee  •  Mason’s Apron  •  The Battle Cry of Freedom  •  Mississippi Hornpipe  •  Beaumont Rag  •  Mississippi Sawyer  •  Billy in the Lowground  •  Old Dan Tucker  •  Blackberry Blossom  •  Old Joe Clark  •  Bonaparte’s Retreat  •  President Garfield’s Hornpipe  •  Carthage Waltz  •  Pretty Peg  •  Cherokee Shuffle  •  Red Haired Boy  •  Cluck Old Hen  •  Red Wing  •  College Hornpipe  •  Sailor’s Hornpipe  •  Cotton Eyed Joe  •  Saint Anne’s Reel  •  Cotton Patch Rag  •  Sally Ann  •  Cripple Creek  •  Sally Goodin’  •  Devil’s Dream  •  Sally Johnson  •  Down Yonder  •  Salt Creek  •  Eighth of January  •  Soldier’s Joy  •  Forked Deer  •  Swallowtail Jig  •  Gardenia Waltz  •  Temperance Reel  •  Grandfather’s Clock  •  Tom and Jerry  •  Green Willis  •  Turkey in the Straw  •  Indian’s Farewell Waltz  •  Uncle Joe  •  Irish Washerwoman  •  Under the Double Eagle  •  La Bastringue  •  Whiskey Before Breakfast  •  Leather Britches

  • Sonya

    Thanks for this music! Loving all of it.

  • Melissa

    Do you happen to have sheet music / tablature for the tunes on these CDs? I had a friend years ago who had books of Bluegrass sheet music for each instrument written by a BYU professor….we had so much fun playing the songs and I’m trying to get my hands on those books again. Wondering if it might have been you who wrote them?? Or if maybe you know where I can find them? Please help me!! : ) I have resurrected my banjo after not playing for 12 years and I’m dying to re-learn some of these songs!